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Sharing a tunnel with a lethal drilling rig: priceless.

ten things...

Oct. 9th, 2007 08:35 am
arrefmak: (fey)
Post ten things that recently made you happy, ganked from [profile] mtfierce 

Last night the internet broke. Was too tired to fix it.

However, today we had the living room dormers fitted with blinds that match our existing stuff and work by remote control. Very cool, I think. The RFL says they work well. We lined up a series of small install tasks with the handyman: fall painting, install rear screen door, ceiling fans for the guest rooms.

And while I was tardy to work to give the installer instructs on the windows, I fixed the internet by sequencing the router a couple times.

On other business, liking the pbem 'Star Wars' stuff I'm getting.

If the Real were otherwise, I'd jump to three times a week, but that isn't going to happen.

email snafu

Aug. 3rd, 2007 08:35 pm
arrefmak: (Default)
Hey Tymen

If you see this, write me. Your email addy has been disabled or broken.
Do you have another, or are you willing to hook up with gmail?
the GM did not see the 'list ping' last night, so posts went out a few minutes ago

enjoy all!
OK, so I'm going to do the game.

And my assumption at this point is that I need to cut out most of the browsing time I do at theory, gming, message boards just to get some 'head processing room'. I need to un-clutter the 'back burner' of my creative mind.

So I'll be less comment-y for near future.
That is all.
Watched the Star Wars yet again.

One of the scene bits that I want the PCs to have is the foreshadowing (not just the funny 'bad feeling' line) that the Force gives canon characters.

The Force allows PCs to feel as if they are part of a larger canvas, steering events on a big board. If a typical rpg allows "PC freedom of choice" to the extent that you can actually break games by playing your character 'true' and busting expectations of the cast... what mechanism allows collaboration before the scene without determining outcomes?

The Force.

It's like playing chess when you only see your pieces. But for post threading, it requires that you have some kind of 'threshold ok' before you post something like, "Your destiny lies along a different path than mine."

Because you want it to turn out you are not only right, but that it makes a cool 'jigsaw' fit looking backwards.
So I'm working a second draft for the pbem rules and gamestart.
use the click, Luke )

I, monster

Apr. 11th, 2007 03:03 pm
arrefmak: (karloff)
general query:

If you were a PC in a game about 'Monsters without Masters', what would interest you about the conflicts and themes?

1. finding a love?
2. proving your humanity?
3. kicking ass?
4. finding a place where humans won't kill you?
5. revenge? destroying your master's bloodline?
6. showing you are better than humans?
7. something else awesome?

I can't create polls, so any comments welcome.


Feb. 8th, 2007 01:23 am
arrefmak: (Default)
What impresses me is not the theme or story or even the suspense they've been juggling. What grabs me is the complexity of weave and the rock solid acting chops that sell the old tropes.

The tapestry of the story is a sweet balancing act and owes a lot to so many myths, creators and voices that have created my favorite fictions over the last fifty plus years.

Also I enjoy watching it online more than the TV experience might provide.

And as a caveat to all this, I can pretty much scrap the 'tenfold millennium' game idea. LOL
Thoughts ongoing for a new campaign: TenFold Millennium

By the clocks of Science, there are only so many moments in the life of the sun. On the third planet from the star, intangible moments bring a rebirth and nine Riders awaken from the Long Dark. They have slept long enough to have forgotten their names and purpose. Power without purpose heralds the end of everything.
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