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So because Ginger is breezing through the trump descriptions of the Elders... I polished up something for the dusty shadow journal.


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Nine Scions in Amber

finally innocence dies on screen

"so what if we have to kill all those people to save them?"

"that means we take charge from a morally corrupt throne"

"oh, the future is a kinder-gentler tyrant, which is us?"

now how cool is that?

some truth

Apr. 11th, 2007 08:28 am
arrefmak: (celina)

Celina, for lack of a better word, is good.

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What good will come of seeing her? The steps to this meeting have been
full of warnings and omens. My mind is full of lies. Even now aren't I
lying to myself?

How exciting and ironic to imagine the healing explanation she'll have
for all this pain.

And when she invites me to join her again, how can I not agree? Could
I be that strong? Our gazes will caress each other. We'll touch. The
memory of pain will burn away and I'll fall into her arms. Twining in
her arms, I'll feel everything was worth the journey.


My chest: too small even now to contain the need that is pounding away
behind my ribs. I want her. And I want all this intrigue to go away. I
want someone to say they loved me for myself.
Not for who I was born of.
Not for the sparking spiral in my blood.
Not for politics.

How young and stupid is love.

How to make a young girl biddable? Soothe her. Groom her. Stroke her
heart and ease the chain 'round it while she dozes.

And still I love her. I need love that badly. I disgust myself.


I wonder if Merlin will like her?
Your Dream Cameo role in the film 'Nine Princes in Amber' by arrefmak
Name of character
Enter the plot where?
General critical reviews6 stars (Amber Ranked)
General friends' reactionsyour portrayal better than Benedict
Head of your cult fan clubretrozombi
Editor of your web pagejhkimrpg
Buys your action figure for naughty reasonsmcroft
Doesn't know what the fuss is about
Offers from Hollywood2
Film stars that keep in touch afterwards1
Does your character come back in the sequel?Yes, you and Ghostwheel are drinking buddies
Really nervous about where Celina is going now with her story.

From the Player perspective: Celina has managed to combine three crisis magnets: Merlin, Conner and herself.
And she plans to confront some folks on issues that apparently were old when Oberon decided not to do anything about them.

This can't be good. I hope it isn't a tragedy.
Aha. I wondered about the philosophy of the Seaward Cousin. Seems that my wondering corresponds to her wondering.
A three way tie: the three faces of Celina )
saw Varekai last night
very impressed

Celina would have loved it.

seats are comfortable but smaller! than aircraft seats!

I shared mine with the guy next to me
He also had part of the seat left of him
He was big
but he did apologize

For the price of tickets
I think I should have had a seat to myself
house of cards pbem is love
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Nov. 23rd, 2004 08:15 pm
arrefmak: (celina)
No right answer; no wrong answer; just an infinite range of misinterpretation.
How do you solve a problem like Celina?
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