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So thanks to community suggestions...

To Wed the Soft Cimmerian
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ambercon 08

Dec. 27th, 2007 08:26 am
arrefmak: (animate)
disclaimer: i haven't signed up yet for ACUS

So in the very now I need to think of 4 games I could run.
If one was
Cobalt Charter
and one was
Agents of the Argent Rose

what else do you want to see this year?

this question is also open to those over age 18 not going to ACUS, void where prohibited by local law
Just sayin'

I've been working over a year for a new firm and it is a beautiful thing. Creative people, dedicated and full of interest in doing good things.

In the last year, I've:

  • sketched concepts for a high-rise condo that might become a project
  • done a branch bank
  • started a church historic renovation
  • done design management of the only casino to be built in Pittsburgh
  • have complete management of a brand-new corportate HQ campus on 100+ acres

What's not to like?

...the only downside is I feel like I haven't paid as much attention to you folks. I hope I can share my good wishes to all of you for the holiday season.

something bad happened between my basement router and my wireless router
they've broken off talking to each other

mostly not fixed
so happy hauntings to everyone

go to the graveyard 1999
as seen on [personal profile] immlass tv

  • we heard there was bumpity falling
  • undaunted we sped into shadow where we found the mother of all shadowstorms, and yea, it was scary and dark
  • next after sleep there was the bluest of sunny days
  • and we had music and rejoicing
  • food and costumery
  • easy escape from the faire
  • then we had a nap
  • a trip to the pub, where there was much fooding and beering
  • finally almost talking until almost late
  • sleep
  • early morning, additional bumpity falling, the RFL is in for repairs at the body shop
  • nice breaking of fast, mmm, coffee
  • a splendid trip through the ridges of ubercolorland
  • home to the three rivers, not enough weekend to go around

ten things...

Oct. 9th, 2007 08:35 am
arrefmak: (fey)
Post ten things that recently made you happy, ganked from [profile] mtfierce 

Last night the internet broke. Was too tired to fix it.

However, today we had the living room dormers fitted with blinds that match our existing stuff and work by remote control. Very cool, I think. The RFL says they work well. We lined up a series of small install tasks with the handyman: fall painting, install rear screen door, ceiling fans for the guest rooms.

And while I was tardy to work to give the installer instructs on the windows, I fixed the internet by sequencing the router a couple times.

On other business, liking the pbem 'Star Wars' stuff I'm getting.

If the Real were otherwise, I'd jump to three times a week, but that isn't going to happen.

...that is all

Aug. 9th, 2007 02:50 pm
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Second huge thunderstorm of the day blots out sun
the GM did not see the 'list ping' last night, so posts went out a few minutes ago

enjoy all!
OK, so I'm going to do the game.

And my assumption at this point is that I need to cut out most of the browsing time I do at theory, gming, message boards just to get some 'head processing room'. I need to un-clutter the 'back burner' of my creative mind.

So I'll be less comment-y for near future.
That is all.

journal meta

Apr. 11th, 2007 08:42 am
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I have turned on a feature that allows friends to 'tag' my entries from a list of tags. I don't know how this works but it sounds neat.
ganked from [profile] kit_kindred:

What I learned in slot___

one: a polite Phouka is just as funny as a wild manic one

two: very hard to bring a late arrival into game flow

three: drinking with Julian is fun

four: very unreasonable to do my Chaos culture at con (though with three people it does work)

five: fortune cards generate plot, woot!

six: 17 attribute rewrite of Amber DRPG actually works

seven: Five Sides, too complex to ever predict

eight: not too old yet, lasted until 1am
I want more Ambercon!

We now return you to your regularly scheduled life.
Texorami: Last set     2007

'Red Hot' Ryerson: "Old man, do you perform marryin'?"
Grandpa (who turned out to be Dworkin): "Oh? Well! Yes, I suppose I have done that."
'Red Hot' Ryerson: ~Nods~ "Yep. I figgered an old geezer religious type like you would be one of those fellas that officiates weddings. It's the end of the world and if we aren't gonna play poker-- I'm fixin' to marry a gal."

What a great finish.
Take off tomorrow about 9am or earlier.

Computers going into shutdown. The RFL decided we should take the laptop in case she needs to hear from her sister.

GM status:
1 player never responded for game info (out of five games and five to seven Players in each, that's amazing!)

Props done. Paris packing, underway. Talking stick, loaded.

Y'know what? I love this stuff.
See ya all soon.
Got the Ambercon jitters now (in a good way, not the butterflies of GMing, that will come later.)

Last minute flurry of swapping cast in games.
Remember this for next time, use cut and paste to assemble a single send for a chain of emails about the game from curious players already signed up and I won't have to figure out as much how to bring a new cast member up to speed.

Feel better soon, Liz!
All the best.
The wonderful ACUS people are right on top of things. The games: Read more... )