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I'm in withdrawal and not happy about it.

So here are the game sparks so far for 2009:

1. The Soft Cimmerian: 'Go Ask Alyse'

A team of the Rebman Aoife (Gallants of the Glass) enter the Afanc Glass to question Alyse, find the resting place of Lir's bones (stolen by the Chaosi several centuries past) and steal back the Vorpal Blade from a cunning guisel. Once in the Labyrinth, the Aoife find the Cheshire Puss in the midst of exploring R'lyeh to wake the Great Ones to destroy the Fomoire, but this waking will undo a balance 1600 years old.

Once more, the clever Aoife act to save the foundations of Rebma!

2. Changing Hands

The war is over and Gerard is no longer regent. Random is restoring the Golden Circle. His elder sibs are in Chaos hammering out the Patternfall Treaty.

Your team takes shadow rutters from key family members and explores the shadows Chaos has handed back to Amber after occupation.

How dangerous is that? Find out.

3. Cobalt Charter

Still more daring exploits of the secret charter.

4. Argent Rose: City of the Dead

Still more adventure of the Corwin cousins.

5. Stairway Perilous!

According to the oldest children of Oberon, the Faiella-Bionin was constructed in a single night.

No one knows how this monumental engineering feat was accomplished by Queen Faiella, except that she had secret relationships with strange allies in Shadow. Now the land bridge to Rebma is failing.

Only thirty percent of Rebma's inhabitants are actually able to survive the watery depths because of their Athanor heritage. If the bridge fails, it is expected that almost seventy thousand people could perish.

Evacuation has started. There may be nine hours before tragedy fully strikes. The PCs must discover the secrets of Faiella and her phantom engineers as quickly as possible or join the almost impossible task of saving the strongest allies Amber has.

Mechanics/Restrictions: Pre-gens, system varies from Amber DRPG standard. GM prefers Players select Elders before game start and e-mail request to include 'why' that Elder.

Oberon is King. Lora is Queen. Delwin and Sandmorel are teens. Elders chosen are all those older than Delwin and Sand. Finndo and Osric are dead.

Character Generation: Pregenerated
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